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Silver Linings: Sculpture Milwaukee Brightens Our Streets

April 5, 2021 /   Friends posing by the Blob Monster
Pictured above: “Blob Monster” by Tony Tasset | Photo courtesy of Meg Strobel

While the pandemic brought hardships into our lives, Milwaukee organizations and nonprofits continue to rise to the occasion to bring light to our city. Here we share how Sculpture Milwaukee is a silver lining the whole community can enjoy.

As most museums and art exhibits were closed during the pandemic and while some recently re-opened, Sculpture Milwaukee offered safe and socially-distanced outdoor art experiences for all to enjoy at their own leisure without pause. This artwork has been one of the greatest silver linings during the pandemic for our city.

Thomas J. Price | Within the Folds (Dialogue IWalk the streets of Milwaukee and you’ll view a diverse array of sculptures. From the funky “Blob Monster” by Tony Tasset to Thomas Price’s insightful “Within the Folds (Dialogue I),” most of these pieces are within a short walking distance along Wisconsin Avenue. Sculpture Milwaukee provides a much needed platform for artists' expression. It's also invaluable that guests can view sculptures that touch on relevant social issues like racial inequality and voter suppression. Pictured: “Within the Folds (Dialogue I)” by Thomas Price | Photo credit: Kevin J. Miyazaki / Sculpture Milwaukee

Since 2017, Sculpture Milwaukee has transformed downtown Milwaukee each year by curating an outdoor art exhibition of sculptures that spark conversation and community engagement while brightening our city. This opportunity for accessible art right on our streets has been a great way to get outside and enjoy art for free. 

“Our greatest hope for 2021 is to see lots and lots of activities on our city streets! We know everyone is keen to get out and enjoy the summer sunshine in Milwaukee and we hope to see folks out for in-person tours this year,” shares Meg Strobel, director of marketing at Sculpture Milwaukee.

The outdoor exhibits attract all types of people to downtown each year. With installations by diverse, acclaimed, and inspiring artists, the work engages folks of all ages. Because of Sculpture Milwaukee's work, “Milwaukee now has one of the most significant collections of contemporary public art in the country.”

Stay tuned for new sculptures joining beloved favorites in Summer 2021.  

Interested in seeing what’s on display right now? Check out the pieces here. Then, grab your sneakers, your mask, and head downtown to explore these beautiful works. Sculpture Milwaukee's outdoor public art exhibitions welcome everyone - no admission fee necessary!

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About the Author: Terese Radke is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Special Events & Marketing Intern with Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, advancing downtown's strategic priorities through marketing, events and social media.

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