Skywalk Murals

Winter Placemaking Reaches New Heights

To keep downtown's active street art scene alive during the winter, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 partnered with The Avenue and ASQ Center to bring street art into the downtown skywalk system, following the precedent-setting skywalk mural, "mutopia 2," in 310W (310 W. Wisconsin Avenue). 

The Plankinton Avenue and 2nd Street skywalk received new murals in early 2022 by Milwaukee natives Dave Watkins of Real Abstract and Alex Couto of The Couto Bros., respectively. Each mural spans the entire length of the skywalk, ranging between 75-ft. - 100-ft. in width and 10-ft. - 12-ft. in height. When the skywalk system reopens in its entirety in 2022, the collection of murals will greet downtown employees and visitors alike with vibrant pastels and abstract forms. Plus, the new pops of color are highly visible from the sidewalk at night. 

Beautiful Inside & Out

In 2020, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, and the Downtown Placemaking Task Force partnered with The Avenue to transform the 2nd Street skywalk's exterior with a mural called "Kindred," by Jaime Brown and Karim Jabbari. 

The mural is a new focal point for a reimagined 2nd Street, connecting attractions like the Bradley Symphony Center and 3rd Street Market Hall with parking structures. Drawing inspiration from a Native American quilt, Jaime incorporated her heritage with symbols representing Milwaukee's past, present, and future. Though subtle, you'll notice wigwams, the Native American symbol for a dwelling, smokestack-lake shapes, reflecting Milwaukee's role in the Industrial Age, and colors of the People's Flag of Milwaukee, a newly adopted symbol for the city's renaissance.

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