Public Review Process

The BID statute establishes a specific process for reviewing and approving operating plans. Pursuant to the statutory requirements, the following process will be followed:

1. The District shall submit its proposed Operating Plan to the Department of City Development.

2. The Community and Economic Development Committee of the Common Council will review the proposed Operating Plan at a public meeting and will make a recommendation to the full Common Council.

3. The Common Council will act on the proposed Operating Plan.

4. If adopted by the Common Council, the proposed Operating Plan is sent to the Mayor for his approval.

5. If approved by the Mayor, this Year Twenty Operating Plan for the District is approved and the Mayor will appoint, in accordance with Article III.D., new members to the Board to replace Board members whose terms have expired or who have resigned.

Below are current and past operating plans of Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, as well as the organization’s past annual reports.

Year Twenty-Two DRAFT Operating Plan Year Twenty-Two Summary of Changes Year Twenty-One Operating Plan