Market Data

Sound Decisions Start with Statistics

It’s no secret. Market data drives investment. Before any deals are signed, investors want to know the key economic indicators that make a location viable.

Over the years, Milwaukee Downtown has invested significant resources into benchmarking downtown Milwaukee’s growth. Below are the studies in our toolbox.

Measuring the Value of Downtown Milwaukee

A strong downtown is critical for a successful city and region. A recent study by the International Downtown Association and Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, analyzed the contributions of Downtown Milwaukee as an economic driver. Through a variety of metrics, including five key principles – economy, inclusion, vibrancy, identity and resilience – the study demonstrated the central business district’s value as an epicenter for culture, innovation, community and commerce.

Value of Downtown Milwaukee: 2023 Handout IDA Value of Downtown Milwaukee: Full Report IDA Value of Downtown Milwaukee: Summary of Findings Presentation

2019 Downtown Population Estimate Update

Thousands of new multi-family housing units being completed have led to an estimated 26.5% increase in the downtown residential population since 2010, bringing the tally to more than an estimated 32,000 Downtown Area residents. With thousands of more units under construction and in the pipeline, this dramatic increase in downtown residential base is only expected to continue on an upward trajectory.

View 2019 Downtown Population Update


In an effort to better serve its residents, workers and guests, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 partnered with Community Perceptions, a division of School Perceptions LLC, to conduct a self-selecting perceptions survey to quantify and chronicle the rapid changes occurring in Downtown Milwaukee and the attitudes of various Downtown users.

The survey aimed to understand how the community interacts with Downtown Milwaukee and solicit opinions about a number of topics relating to the experience of living, working and playing in Downtown Milwaukee.


2019 Milwaukee Downtown Perceptions Report

2016 Market Profile: Downtown Milwaukee

View the latest market research conducted by P.U.M.A. (Progressive Urban Management Associates), which benchmarks local growth and changes in demographics; housing; employment; office and retail vacancies; mobility and connectivity; hospitality and tourism; arts, culture and entertainment; education; and the nighttime economy.

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FitBid 2016: Downtown Milwaukee Progress Report

Get a snapshot of downtown's growth over the last decade and view recommendations for continuing the momentum.

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2017 Top 10 Global Trends

Download P.U.M.A. President and Founder Brad Segal's 2017 edition Global Trends Report, highlighting opportunities arising from converging shifts in demographics, lifestyles and competition that are rapidly shaping our cities. 

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2015 Downtown Milwaukee Entertainment & Hospitality Comparative Analysis

Prepared by Hunden Strategic Partners, this report compares downtown Milwaukee to 10 of its peer cities in the areas of hospitality, entertainment and nightlife.

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2012 Market Profile: Downtown Milwaukee

Get a snapshot of Milwaukee Downtown’s key economic indicators, including residential population, employee demographics, commercial space, housing, hospitality and tourism, and current development.


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2009-2010 Downtown Economic Status Report

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 hosted its first State of Downtown Economic Forum on April 15, 2010. Perspectives on the current and future state of downtown Milwaukee were given. A summary of the findings is also available in the 2009-2010 Downtown Economic Status Report.

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2007 Downtown Milwaukee Market Analysis

Milwaukee Downtown’s first comprehensive market analysis was conducted in 2007 by the UW-Extension Center for Community and Economic Development and UW-Extension Milwaukee County.

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Status of the Downtown Milwaukee Brand in SE Wisconsin: 2005 White Paper Research

View the findings of a telephone survey to residents throughout Kenosha, Racine, Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties, which benchmarked perceptions on the downtown Milwaukee brand.


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