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About Us

Milwaukee Downtown, BID (Business Improvement District) #21 is an organization established in 1998 to support the interests of the downtown Milwaukee business community. Through BID #21 assessments, Milwaukee Downtown funds specific initiatives aimed at creating a clean, safe and friendly downtown. The district currently manages 150 blocks representing approximately 500 commercial property owners.

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Standing Together

Since our creation in 1998, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 has championed Downtown’s equity and diversity. We support individuals’ First Amendment rights to peacefully demonstrate, and we stand with our Black and Brown team members and neighbors in the fight for justice and equality. Additionally, we firmly oppose violence, vandalism and looting. Cultivating safety, security and belonging is the heart of our mission. For this reason, the burden is upon us as community leaders to work towards ending systemic racism.

Our organization and its representatives will continue to be at the table as advocates, listeners and bridge builders to help heal our community. Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 remains committed to creating an exceptional quality of life environment for all members of our community, regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation. We pledge to do our part in advancing a shared and inclusive vision, while advocating for a community of tolerance, peace and understanding. As the vibrant heart of our city, Downtown is a gathering place. On our streets, the community comes together to live, work and learn. Our streets are meant to welcome and include. And right now, our streets are a place where Milwaukeeans peacefully express grief, demand change and raise collective voices against racism. It is truly an honor to be a place where our community gathers in solidarity.


We lead and inspire Milwaukee to engage in efforts that build Downtown as the thriving, sustainable, inclusive, innovative, and vibrant heart of the community.


Milwaukee Downtown is an economic catalyst creating opportunities for all. Downtown continues to be a premier destination of choice to live, work, learn, play, and stay. Milwaukee is a renowned world-class city adding value to the state and the Great Lakes region.

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