Helping You Find Your Way

In 2020, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 partnered with VISIT Milwaukee and the City of Milwaukee for a rapid refresh of downtown's aging wayfinding system -- the first time the system would receive an update since its installation in 2002. 

Corbin Design and Poblocki Sign Company were selected by committee for the refresh, the same design+build team for the downtown and RiverWalk systems. The expedited project schedule would encompass 20 vehicular signs, 40 pedestrian signs, eight pedestrian kiosks, and integration with CityPost smart kiosks. 

Milwaukee Centric Design

Collaborating with downtown cultural partners, new venues, theaters, and museums were identified and included in the expanded system. While the original locations remained intact, the retrofit solution would streamline the visitor experience with a consistent color suite between East Town and Westown. The design features a nod to the iconic Milwaukee Public Market marquee, while exposed rivets and a steel frame reveal our city's industry.