Westown in Bloom

Westown In Bloom

A New Gateway to Westown 

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 and the Downtown Placemaking Task Force commissioned local artist Emma Daisy Gertel for a new Westown gateway mural at the northeast corner of James Lovell Street and Wisconsin Avenue. This highly visible canvas features an urban garden as its subject matter—a metaphor for the resurgence in Westown. Installation began in late-June 2019 following community engagement at the Westown Farmers' Market and World Refugee Day. The approximate size of the mural is 80-ft. x 50-ft.

Meet the Muralist

Cultivating a Sense of Community 

Community members met Emma Daisy Gertel as she presented a chalkboard full of ideas and inspiration at two Westown Wednesday events on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Event attendees provided input on the design and received a custom-designed wildflower seed packet. During World Refugee Day, participants pinned a global map with their place of origin. Flowers in the final mural were influenced by the locations indicated on the community map. 

“My artistic concept is to create a bright, colorful garden of flora to enliven the space and create a sense of wonder, vibrancy, beauty, and hope that is representative of the revitalization and renewal efforts of Westown,” said mural artist Emma Daisy Gertel. “Plantlife improves mood and there is nothing more welcoming to visitors than fresh flowers.” 

Installation photos courtesy of Cristina Ossers

Westown Gateway Mural Ribbon-Cutting Milwaukee Downtown Placemaking Public Art

Ribbon-Cutting Celebration

Fostering Neighborhood Pride 

Community members gathered in July 2019 to celebrate the completion of "Westown in Bloom," in the parking lot adjacent to the mural at 622 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Nearly 150 guests enjoyed free Dunkin' doughnuts and coffee, plus free mini-bouquets from Bluebird Design and Dunkin' gift cards for the first 50 guests.

Downtown's Mural Matchmaker

Call for Walls

Calling all downtown property owners! Milwaukee Downtown is looking for partners to help bring more art into downtown and enhance the built environment. The wall of your building might be the perfect canvas for our next mural project. If you are interested in fostering a deeper neighborhood connection with your building and know of a wall that could use some TLC, contact us today. 


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