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    The Largest Outdoor Art Gallery at Your Fingertips

    For over a century, downtown has hosted Milwaukee’s largest collection of outdoor public art. Now, for the first time, this impressive array of over 140 monuments, sculptures, and murals is at your fingertips. From monuments commemorating the Civil War to graffiti-style murals celebrating the “414,” downtown’s streets, parks, and even alleys have something for everyone.

    So, whether you’re visiting from the comfort of your home, or exploring our streets on a self-guided tour, let downtown’s one-square-mile delight you with its awe-inspiring works of world-class public art.

    Downtown Salutes Those who MKE a Difference

    MacArthur Square Mural Inspired by Milwaukee's COVID-19 Frontline Workers

    Milwaukee native Ken Brown, best known for his technique of using lines and colors to create a stained glass effect, was selected to complete the mural at MacArthur Square. His canvas will be the approximately 620 feet wide by 6 feet high panel of the city-owned parking structure at 6th Street and Kilbourn Avenue. The mural, aptly titled “The Hero in You,” will be a timestamp of Milwaukee’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic and feature images of various frontline heroes. Stories chronicling the service of more than 10 downtown essential workers who will be depicted in the mural will be featured in a special blog series

    To further engage with the community, a series of social media contests will launch today, including an open call for nominations for frontline heroes to have their likeness depicted in the mural. Nominations will be accepted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through May 20, 2020, and frontline heroes chosen will be eligible for a downtown prize pack. 

    View Coloring Pages Here Mural Concepts

    Have a wall that could use some TLC?

    Since 2017, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 has demonstrated an unrivaled commitment to supporting the arts by leveraging $150,000 to fund district-defining murals in partnership with various property owners and local artists. Your wall may be the perfect canvas for downtown’s next colorful mural. If you are interested in vibrant neighborhood enhancements and fostering a deeper sense of connection between your building and the community, let us know! Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 staff and the Downtown Placemaking Task Force will review project proposals on a case-by-case basis and evaluate if it is a good fit for our District Mural Arts Program.

    District Mural Operations Guide

    Our Downtown Community Public Art