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    The Largest Outdoor Art Gallery at Your Fingertips

    For over a century, downtown has hosted Milwaukee’s largest collection of outdoor public art. Now, for the first time, this impressive array of over 140 monuments, sculptures, and murals is at your fingertips. From monuments depicting wartime heroes to graffiti-style murals celebrating the “414,” downtown’s streets, parks, and even alleys have something for everyone.

    So, whether you’re visiting from the comfort of your home, or exploring our streets on a self-guided tour, let downtown’s one-square-mile delight you with its awe-inspiring works of world-class public art.

    Downtown's Mural Matchmaker

    Since 2017, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 has demonstrated an unrivaled commitment to supporting the arts by leveraging $150,000 to fund district-defining murals in partnership with various property owners and local artists. Your wall may be the perfect canvas for downtown’s next colorful mural. If you are interested in vibrant neighborhood enhancements and fostering a deeper sense of connection between your building and the community, let us know. Our staff and the Downtown Placemaking Task Force will review project proposals on a case-by-case basis and evaluate if it is a good fit for our District Mural Arts Program.

    District Mural Operations Guide

    Call for Artists

    Mobile Mural Collaboration 

    Calling all artists! Looking for a one-of-a-kind mural surface that will be seen in multiple locations each year? This innovative marketing campaign intersects our love for street art and street eats into one remarkable mobile mural in collaboration with Meat on the Street. 
    Established in 2014 by siblings Alexa, Matt, and Christian Alfaro, Meat on the Street is a staple in the city’s cultural cuisine, including an operation at Eleven25 at Pabst and a food truck that frequents 250 street festivals and outdoor events annually. Celebrating Filipino food and culture, Meat on the Street keeps the Milwaukee community top-of-mind. 

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    Our Downtown Community Public Art