Graffiti Removal

Wiping Out Graffiti

Combined with the muscle of the Clean Sweep Ambassadors, the Graffiti Removal Team aids in maintaining downtown Milwaukee’s squeaky-clean image. Once graffiti is spotted, the Graffiti Removal Team is on site within 24 hours to wipe it away. Armed with biodegradable chemical removers, paint, pressure washers and soda waterblasters, the team eliminates the toughest of stains, while saving BID #21 thousands of dollars and deterring future vandalism.

Graffiti Removal Waiver for Property Owners

By the Numbers



The number of tags the Graffiti Removal Team has eliminated from public and private property since its creation in 2000, saving owners a load of grief.


Percentage of tags and stickers removed by the PSA Graffiti Removal Team, saving Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 thousands in graffiti removal fees.