Kindred Mural

Stitching the Community Together

"Home to the Mural in the Sky"

Planning began in 2019 for a new mural spanning across the 2nd Street skywalk as part of the redevelopment at The Avenue and 3rd Street Market Hall. In collaboration with Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, and the Downtown Placemaking Task Force, a public call for artists launched in early 2020. After reviewing 60+ submissions, project leaders and community members selected Wisconsin artist Jaime Brown and collaborator Karim Jabbari to bring this unique mural to life. 

Work on the mural was completed in August, transforming this once overlooked block in downtown Milwaukee into a must-see destination, bringing smiles to countless residents, employees, and art enthusiasts alike. The mural encompasses the south-facade, under panels, columns, and parts of the north-facade. 

Meet the Muralist

The mural is a new focal point for a reimagined 2nd Street corridor, connecting new attractions like the Bradley Symphony Center and 3rd Street Market Hall. 

Drawing inspiration from a Native American quilt, Jaime incorporates her heritage with symbols representing Milwaukee's past, present, and future. Though subtle, you'll notice wigwams, the Native American symbol for a dwelling, smokestack-like shapes, reflecting Milwaukee's role in the Industrial Age, and even subtleties to the People's Flag of Milwaukee, a newly adopted symbol for the city's renaissance. 

The title of the piece, "Kindred" refers to Westown's intersection of people and culture, and in a sense, all coming together as kindred spirits in perfect communal harmony. Read more about Jaime and how she inspires girls to take part in street art.