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Ambassador Spotlight: Carol Robinson

August 21, 2019 /   Public Service Ambassador Carol Robinson Milwaukee Downtown

Milwaukee Downtown BID #21 wouldn’t be able to run without our Public Service Ambassadors (referred to as PSAs). They are the friendly face you see walking down the street, the helping hand that will point you in the right direction and, most importantly, a group of people that love Milwaukee just as much as you do.

PSAs help keep downtown Milwaukee safe and friendly. From assisting with events to sharing downtown info to serving as an extra set of eyes and ears for the Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments, the PSAs are integral threads in the fabric of downtown.

We’d like to acknowledge these amazing people through our “Ambassador Spotlight,” giving an inside look to what it takes to be a PSA. The first Ambassador in the series is PSA Carol Robinson.

Utility Box Mural Milwaukee Downtown
Pictured above, Carol is featured in one of Milwaukee Downtown's utility box murals.


Carol Robinson has been with Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 for nearly 12 years, and she doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Her high-energy, positive spirit is what makes her great at her job. Before the BID, Carol was working as a receptionist in Milwaukee where she was told that she should consider becoming a PSA because she was so good with people. She called Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, and the rest is history.

One of the things Carol loves most about being a PSA is the people. She not only loves interacting with the public, but she also joked that without people she wouldn’t have a job at all.

One experience stands out in particular: seven years ago, Carol was walking down the street when she met a man who seemed a bit lost. Upon further investigation, she found out that he was a doctor from Yugoslavia in Milwaukee for a medical convention. He was in search of the restaurant Buca di Beppo and Carol was more than happy to help him find it. She offered to walk him there and in that time they formed a friendship. Carol says that he was one of the kindest people she had met, and if she wasn’t a PSA she never would have had that experience.

Carol said she’s watched Milwaukee develop into such a beautiful city. In her time at the BID, she has seen Milwaukee grow and become more warm and welcoming. Carol added that people now say that you can feel the welcoming presence of Milwaukee, and that it’s a safe and beautiful place to come and visit.

What are her recommendations? According to Carol, you absolutely have to visit the waterfront. Milwaukee has some of the most beautiful water access, from Bradford Beach to the Riverwalk. She also commented that AJ Bombers is her favorite restaurant to visit for a good burger and that Purple Door has the best ice cream. She stands by the fact that if she could, Carol would open her own ice cream shop and recommend that.

Carol is an amazing PSA and one hundred percent lives up to the phrase “Public Service Ambassadors are the smile of downtown.” She is always helpful and always smiling. Thank you, Carol!

About the Author: Allison Brotz is a senior at Marquette University acting as the Marketing & Special Events Intern for Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21.

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