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Turning Over a New Leaf in 2024: Finding a Healthier You in Downtown Milwaukee

January 4, 2024 /   fitness downtown milwaukee

2024 has officially begun and with the new year, comes new year’s resolutions. From eating better to reading more, vowing to travel or become more financially sound, people all over the world take this time of year to reflect on their lives and set new goals.

For many, these new year’s resolutions revolve around being healthier, exercising more and just taking better care of one’s health overall. If that’s you, Downtown Milwaukee has ample opportunities to help you turn over a new leaf and find a healthier you. Whether you’re looking for a traditional gym, yoga studio, or maybe interested in trying something new like Pilates or barre, all of it can be found in Downtown Milwaukee.

1) Anytime Fitness
1555 N. Water Street
From personalized fitness plans to expert coaches, Anytime Fitness is a gym of convenience with 24/7 access and more gym locations than anyone else. Plus, every member gets a free, personalized plan when they join.

2) Body in Balance Pilates Studio
759 N. Milwaukee Street, Suite 506
Body in Balance Pilates Studio is a boutique Pilates studio, offering private, duo and trio sessions, as well as small group classes. Whether you’re a pro at Pilates or just getting started, Body in Balance welcomes people of all abilities.

fitness milwaukee downtown3) Gold’s Gym
731 N. Water Street, Suite M100
Gold’s Gym is a full-service gym offering five floors of strength training, cardio, a pool, and many forms of functional exercise such as turf, sleds, boxing, kettlebells and more. Plus, Gold’s offers a yoga studio for post-gym stretching and a Shake Bar!

4) Flex Zone Milwaukee
1025 N. Astor Street
Flex Zone Milwaukee specializes in small group and personal training. They provide a variety of classes and one-on-one training for all fitness levels.

5) Fit Pro Milwaukee
731 N. Jackson Street
Fit Pro Milwaukee is a unique gym offering personal training sessions for people trying to get stronger, lose weight, or simply stay healthy. It’s not a traditional gym with a wall of treadmills, a pool, and a yoga studio. Instead, it offers top-of-the-line staff who can help you reach your new year’s goal on a one-on-on basis.

6) Fred Astaire Dance Studio
625 E. St. Paul Avenue
The power of dance transcends multiple facets of one’s overall being. Dancing can enrich lives physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Take the first step in your dancing journey by exploring the types of dance lessons available at Fred Astaire.

1644 N. Water Street
Shake off the cold by stepping into a hot studio. HOTWORX turns the temperature up on a variety of sessions, including yoga, Pilates, cycle, barre, isometric and more. Participants burn 3x the sweat in 1/3 of the time with patented infrared saunas open 24/7.

yoga milwaukee8) MKE Yoga Social
735 N. Water Street, Suite 728
If your new year’s resolution involves improving flexibility and core strength, yoga may be for you. If you’re also hoping to get out there and meet people, then MKE Yoga Social is perfect. This local business has partnered with over 100 local breweries, distilleries, and businesses to provide both a social space and a yoga destination for residents of Milwaukee.

9) Milwaukee Athletic Club
758 N. Broadway
If you’re looking to become a member of a fitness community, offering everything a traditional gym offers in addition to exclusive events, restaurants, and bars, the Milwaukee Athletic Club might be for you. In addition to offering best-in-class equipment, facilities, and trainers, the club offers group exercise classes, a basketball court, Pilates equipment, a club lounge and more.

10) Planet Fitness
101 W. Wisconsin Avenue
If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, Planet Fitness offers everything you could need. From low starter fees to full-service opportunities, Planet Fitness has a little bit of everything, including loads of cardio equipment, strength training machines and free weights.

11) Step Above Training
1535 N. Water Street
Step Above Training offers an array of tools to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it’s muscle definition, weight loss, core strength or flexibility, personal trainers are matched to your training philosophy. HIIT social classes are also available.

fitness milwaukee12) Sport Fit Milwaukee
1134 N. Jackson Street
Sport Fit Milwaukee is a premier class-based strength, conditioning and performance gym. Workouts are scalable for all fitness levels and are provided in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

13) Wisconsin Athletic Club | Downtown
411 E. Wisconsin Avenue
The Wisconsin Athletic Club is the largest privately-owned athletic club in Wisconsin, offering a full gym, classes, a pool, personal training, and even fun events like pickleball tournaments. They host swim lessons for kids and offer open adult and kid pool times for those looking to get some water exercise.

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