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Bicycle Courier Graphite Embodies “Keep on Keepin’ On” Amidst Pandemic

May 27, 2020 /   Graphite Breakaway Couriers Milwaukee Downtown

The Heroes Project salutes those who MKE a difference. To engage with our community virtually, we've documented the stories of downtown's frontline heroes, who ultimately inspired our next mural. Titled "The Hero in You," by Milwaukee artist Ken Brown, will transform MacArthur Square this June. For more details, visit www.milwaukeedowntown.com/art. Photography for Milwaukee Downtown by Andrew Feller.

Graphite, a Breakway Couriers staff member, is working hard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As a courier for an on-demand delivery company, Graphite is part of a dedicated team that provides essential transport of goods.

Breakaway Couriers uses bicycles, vehicles and cargo bikes to transport packages in Milwaukee and beyond. Bicycle couriers like Graphite utilize two-way radio communication with dispatchers and routing software to provide speedy delivery. Riders also have weather-proof gear to ensure all deliveries arrive safely. Along with food and catering orders, Breakaway Couriers transport a variety of other items like dry cleaning, prescriptions and even bank deposits.

With the rise of COVID-19, Breakaway introduced changes to protect the health of workers and customers. "We have stopped passing out our tag books for signatures, and we carry hand sanitizer," Graphite explains. In addition, Graphite shares that he wears a mask and gloves while on the job. Even outdoors, Breakaway team members like Graphite take safety precautions seriously.

Although Breakaway has implemented new safety measures, Graphite admits business has been slower. Still, Graphite does what he can to keep life exciting. At home, Graphite devotes additional time to developing his passions. "I have been expanding my culinary skills," he explains. Culinary skills are a fitting tool for workers like Graphite, whose job requires stamina to maintain bicycle delivery speeds.

Graphite Breakaway Couriers Milwaukee Downtown

Along with the chance to cook more, this socially-distanced reality also provides Graphite an opportunity bikers don't often enjoy: less-busy roads. With fewer people out and about, there are fewer cars on the street. "It's great!" Graphite exclaims.

For bikers eager to experience the same freedom Graphite appreciates, Bublr Bikes are the perfect option. Located at stations around Milwaukee, Bublr Bikes provide the chance for anyone to get some fresh air and exercise. Bublr is even offering essential workers a 30-day pass for just $5. With a deal like that, Graphite won't be the only biker safely out on the roads.

When asked what phrase gets him through work each day, Graphite has this famous quote to share: "Keep on keepin' on." By staying motivated to get back on the bike and keep riding, Graphite, and delivery workers both near and far, inspire us all to continue living well for ourselves and others.

About the author: Claire Barten is Milwaukee Downtown's Special Events & Marketing Intern, spreading Milwaukee Downtown's community ideals through social media and other engaging platforms.

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