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Public Transit How To Guide 〜 Ways to Save on Gas This Summer

July 8, 2022 /   Transit

This summer weather is the perfect time to be outside. However, finding ways to get to your destination shouldn’t be expensive nor difficult. Here are several alternatives to try and save on gas this summer. 


Milwaukee County Transit System bus

Unsure of which bus to hop on and get to your route? Or only need to use the bus for a short period of time? The MCTS WisGo app is designed for you to buy your fare and scan your code to ride the bus for a day or however long you choose to pay for. If you are looking for a simple way to navigate the Milwaukee County Transit System, we also suggest downloading the app “Transit”. Search your desired destination and “Transit” helps you get to where you need to be with step-by-step directions, and bus stop notifications. Ride the MCTS with ease this summer, and help the Earth while saving money too! 


The Hop the hop

First off, The Hop is FREE to ride! There are 18 streetcar stops which can sound intimidating but rest assured you can get live updates when the next one is coming when downloading their TransLoc Rider app! Simply walk inside The Hop and hold onto the handrail or take a seat. When you near your stop, press the “Stop” button and wait for the automatic doors to open. Visit from the Lakefront, City Hall, Cathedral Park, Public Market and the Third Ward. There are plenty of shops and restaurants on and near the route. The streetcar is clean, spacious, and comes every 10-15 minutes. This is a means of transportation to utilize at least once while living or visiting in Milwaukee!!


Bublr BikeBublr Bikes! 

Bublr Bikes are the perfect way to incorporate movement while trying to help the environment. To find the nearest kiosk bublr bike, download their Bublr app to see ones near you. Afterwards pay either online or in-person through their kiosk. Keep in mind if you are doing a single ride, they charge per minute unless you choose a different subscription offer. After paying, you have 45 seconds to undock the bike, and start riding! Return the bike when you are done, and have fun biking! 



Electric scooterScooters

Yes, scooters are coming back to Milwaukee, as early as August. Proposals for up to three private operators/companies to deploy a maximum of 600 scooters each on Milwaukee streets are currently underway. This new program is a step in a new direction to creating easy use of scooters away from the sidewalks, and instead focused on solely riding on the street. Take a stroll with any of the scooters located all around Milwaukee, and be a part of the change! Help with the program by taking a ride to your destination next time! 


About the Author: Veronica Castro Ramirez is Milwaukee Downtown BID #21’s Special Events and Marketing intern. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing at Marquette University.


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