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10 Things I Learned At FORE! Milwaukee

November 7, 2018 /   FORE Milwaukee

By Kelly Christiansen

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, just south of Michigan Street at 530 North Water, I received a golf lesson from PGA Tour Pro Tim Grogan at FORE! Milwaukee. As I walked in past the open-air bag toss and ping-pong area, to my left was a full-service bar and to my right were several golf simulator bays. Towards the back of the bar was a group of young 20-something guys celebrating a bachelor party. I got a drink (White Claw, just like many of the beverage carts are carrying on the courses) and learned about this seemingly hidden gem that I had undoubtedly walked past countless times on the way to the Milwaukee Public Market.
  1. Capacity: There can be up to 28 people playing at one time and the establishment can hold up to 60 people.
  2. Events & Catering: Perfect for bachelor parties (or bachelorette, ladies golf, too!), corporate events, networking mixers or just a fun double date night. They can provide drink tickets for your event and bring in catering from a list of preferred vendors.
  3. Package options: You can do a per-person package or one based on time (it’s $40/hour regardless of the number of players).FORE Milwaukee
  4. Format: Just like your favorite golf outing fundraiser from this summer, you can do a scramble (everyone tees off and then you play from the best ball) which is great for all levels to keep ‘er moving and team building.
  5. Specials: On Saturdays and Sundays, FORE! opens as early as 8 AM! Perfect for morning people. Many players come in and hit balls from the driving range on their lunch hour. One of the staff members is an ex-marine who coordinated with the Veteran’s Administration to host Veteran’s specials on Tuesdays from 10 AM – 2 PM. They can also do golf leagues (like a bowling league)! People in the hospitality industry will enjoy a discounted rate ($20/hour) on Industry Mondays. Happy Hour offers $1 off every drink from 12-7pm Monday-Friday. That means patrons can enjoy $4 beers and double tall rails drinks.
  6. The Pro: Tim Grogan has been a golf professional in the Milwaukee area since 1992 and a PGA Professional for 21 years. He has directed the instructional programs at Missing Links of Mequon since 1995. In addition, as the Head Golf Coach at Marquette University for nineteen years, Tim recruited and instructed many of Wisconsin’s top juniors along with coaching the nation’s top collegiate players in 2009. As a player, he competed in the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open and played collegiate golf at UNLV.Tim Grogan FORE Milwaukee
  7. Technology: The simulators offer multiple practice options such as driving, chipping and shot accuracy at varying distances. You can track your shot length, distance from the target, trajectory, swing speed and many other metrics. The shot tracer shows the entire flight of the ball just like you see on TV golf broadcasts!
  8. Practice: Instructional clinics and pro golf lessons (like the one I was lucky to get) are available and you have your choice of playing from 34 Championship Courses like Pebble Beach.
  9. Swing Tips: As a former tennis player and beginner golfer, my golf swing still feels awkward. Tim helped me with two key points: grip (left hand holds most of the weight of the club) and my backswing (up instead of out -like in tennis- so that my left shoulder is under my chin).FORE Milwaukee
  10. Reservations: Coming soon! You will be able to reserve a simulator online here. Need a gift idea? They offer gift cards, too!
Final take: Going to FORE! offers a fun twist on practicing golf and is a fun idea for happy hour, celebrations, something to do on a wintery weekend day or date night. Contact Tim to book your visit!

Kelly Christiansen, EDAC, is a Senior Marketing Strategist at Kahler Slater. Kelly and her team enthusiastically partner with clients to help them reach their strategic goals for advancing their organizations. Ms. Christiansen has authored several of the firm’s insights blogs on topics such as Trends in Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Technology’s Impact on Patient Experience and Designing for Dignity in Behavioral & Mental Health Environments.

Prior to joining Kahler Slater, Kelly developed and implemented strategic marketing plans for healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers from her account services post within multiple Chicago-based agencies. An honors communications graduate of DePaul University, Ms. Christiansen is delighted to be back in her hometown of Mequon, WI, where she enjoys working out, book club and spending time with friends and family.@kellymc247

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