Games & Prizes

Workday Bingo

You know how it always seems like someone's pet is making a cameo in the team Zoom call? Or how you start to notice your co-worker's favorite mask patterns after a few weeks in the office? With this game, you can keep track of all the weird and wonderful parts of working from home, or at the office.

In our version of Bingo, your spaces don't need to line up. Just cover any five spaces on our downloadable cards, and send them back for a chance to win gift cards in denominations of $25, $50, $100 and $150.

Download your daily card and play throughout Downtown Employee Appreciation Week.

Daily Bingo Cards

Virtual Downtown Scratch-Off

Feeling lucky? We're giving away over 300 downtown gift cards & prizes, ranging from $5 at a neighborhood coffee shop to the coveted $100 downtown dining gift card. Everyone's a winner in this giveaway.

Register here - you'll receive an email when the virtual scratch-offs are live during Downtown Employee Appreciation Week. One per downtown employee, please.

I (Usually) Work Downtown Giveaway

If your daily commute is just the walk to your living room (or your backyard, home office or kitchen table), this one's for you. We know you're probably missing the buzz and energy downtown - not to mention daily access to your favorite restaurants, bars and shops. Enter this giveaway for a chance to score a downtown gift package delivered to your door by the end of Downtown Employee Appreciation Week. 50 winners will be randomly selected.

Submit your entry by September 11th and let us know what you're most looking forward to when you "MKE it Back" downtown. Presented in partnership with Milwaukee Food Tours.

Click here to enter. Entry period has been extended until Friday, September 11 at 10 AM.

I Work Downtown Trivia Competition

Thank you to all of our downtown players during virtual trivia on Monday, September 14! Below are the results of this year's competition:

1st Place | $200 in downtown prizes | Paul S.
2nd Place | $100 in downtown prizes | Amy B.
3rd Place | $50 in downtown prizes | Kelsey S.

1st Place | $100/player in downtown prizes | Bader Rutter (Sandy, Steve, Nicole, Katie)
2nd Place | $50/player in downtown prizes | Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee (Erin, Jon)
3rd Place | $25/player in downtown prizes | Literary Services of Wisconsin (Aaron, Holly, Steve)