Massimals MKE

Don’t Hibernate, Celebrate Safely

Massimals MKE Encourage Safe Winter Exploration

Imagine a place where polar bears roam freely and the Northern Lights are a nightly sight. A sleuth of five polar bears has inhabited downtown's Cathedral Square Park for the winter. Opting for a non-hibernating winter, Massimals MKE by artist Jason Scroggin of Scroggin Studio is downtown's newest public art installation. Great for a fun photo-op, these unique, life-sized bears will be on display through spring 2021. At night, the park comes to life with lighting inspired by the Aurora Borealis by Majic Productions. 

Students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Architecture and Urban Planning assisted the artist to assemble the sculptures, safely spaced in small groups inside the Wisconsin Center. 

These playful, interactive sculptures encourage safe outdoor exploration this winter. 

About the Artwork and Artist

About Massimals 

Massimals are abstractions of animal forms built in the manner of massing study models produced in architectural design practice used to explore the relationship between complex form, material and fabrication. 

About Scroggin Studios 

Scroggin Studio is a design research practice led by Jason Scroggin. The office focuses on the revitalization of projects that present new ways to interact with built form from the scale of the city to interior environments producing internationally recognized and award-winning designs. Jason also holds a position as an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Kentucky College of Design. He received a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky. 

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