With more than 34,000 off-street parking options and 8,000 on-street metered parking options, downtown Milwaukee offers ample parking for its employees and visitors. And with the help of, getting to your destination is easier than ever.

Offering interactive maps of Westown, East Town and the Historic Third Ward, allows users to click on their destination by points of interest or neighborhood. Make your trip downtown hassle-free. Explore parking options for your next visit at

MKE Park

MKE Park offers you a way to pay for parking directly from your smartphone, making your parking experience simple, easy and convenient! 

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LUKE Meters

More than half of downtown Milwaukee’s on-street parking spots are monitored by multi-space parking meters called LUKE meters. Coined after their cameo in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, LUKE meters are the high-tech solution to paying for parking when you’re short on change or need to add time to a meter, but aren’t in its vicinity.

LUKE meters accept Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards and coins, plus they can talk to other LUKEs in the area. Meaning payment for a parking space can be made at any LUKE meter as long as the appropriate space number is entered. Additionally, LUKE dispenses a receipt that includes the time when the meter expires and the space number.