The MKE Streetcar Development & Investment Guide

To promote similar opportunities in our city, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 lead the creation of The MKE Streetcar Development & Investment Guide to promote the many development, redevelopment and commercial lease opportunities that exist along or within walking distance to the Phase 1 main line and Lakefront Line extension routes. The MKE Streetcar Development & Investment Guide features the most opportune development sites and available commercial spaces that benefit from the economic development potential that is being unlocked by the proximity to the initial phases of The Milwaukee Streetcar system. 

Click the image above to download your copy of The MKE Streetcar Development & Investment Guide. 

Development Opportunities

Click here to view prime development opportunities that exist within walking distance of The Milwaukee Streetcar Phase 1 main line and Lakefront Line extension routes. 


In addition to the economic development merits, which are already starting to top the headlines, the Milwaukee Streetcar system’s Phase 1 and Lakefront lines will connect residents, workers, and visitors to most of Downtown’s attractions and amenities. 

Click on the image below to download for a summary chart, map and detailed listing of the hundreds of ground floor businesses and amenities that are along the initial routes or within a short 2 block walk.