The Hop Investment Opportunities

The Hop Investment Opportunities

Fostering economic development is a primary goal that was established at the onset of The Hop. Cities such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Tucson have all seen significant development occur within close proximity to their fixed-rail systems. Milwaukee anticipates similar benefits and is taking steps to leverage the streetcar's full economic development potential. 

What drives this economic boom is the attraction to permanency. Developers and businesses are drawn to fixed-rail routes because they know their investment will be serviced for the long-term. The Hop will create the same level of confidence and predictability to foster economic development, as have similar systems in other cities. 

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The Hop Development & Investment Guide

To promote similar opportunities in our city, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 lead the creation of The Hop Streetcar Development & Investment Guide to promote the many development, redevelopment and commercial lease opportunities that exist along or within walking distance to the Phase 1 main line and Lakefront Line extension routes.