Holiday Art & Heritage Events

**Please note, events and activities are subject to change or cancellation. Please call ahead of your arrival.**

Skywaukee Tours

Every Sat | 11am and 1pm
Plankinton Arcade
414.277.7795 |
Stroll through the skywalk system and learn about significant Milwaukee landmarks from a new angle – one story up! Plus, see the lights and sights around downtown with this indoor walking tour.


Ghosts of Segregation

Now thru December 4
Charles Allis Museum
414.278.8295 |
Photographer Richard Frishman explores the lingering presence of segregation, slavery and institutional racism hidden in everyday American architecture.


Still Together by Rachel Collier

Now thru January 22
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
Inspired by the architecture of The Space, Collier’s solo exhibition blooms with electric colors and offers audiences an opportunity to feel a collectively familiar sense of heightened mood.


War Memorial’s Decorating Our Heroes

Now thru December 31
War Memorial Center
414.273.5533 |
Explore the background of heroes who have been bestowed with high military honors. A combination of photography, artifacts and writings tell the valiant stories of those who have been decorated with the Silver Star, Navy Cross, Bronze Medal and others, leading up to our nation's highest honor – the Medal of Honor.


James Benning and Sharon Lockhart: Over Time, Chapter II

Now thru January 1
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
This follow-up to the Museum’s 2019 exhibition "Over Time, Chapter I" again pairs the work of American artists James Benning (b. 1942), a Milwaukee native, and Sharon Lockhart (b. 1964). Both artists examine the relationship of film to still photography and often cite the other as an influence.


On Repeat: Serial Photography

Now thru January 1
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
This exhibition draws on the Museum’s collection of 20th- and 21st-century photography to examine the ways artists have used serial and sequential imagery.


Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience

Now thru January 8
Wisconsin Center
414.908.6000 |
Surround yourself in the world of renowned artist Claude Monet during this experiential showcase. Over 400 of his most recognized artworks will be on display from floor to ceiling, including the Water Lilies series, "Impression: Sunrise" and "Poppies."


David Claerbout: The Close

November 18 – January 8
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
Belgium-based artist David Claerbout debut’s his new video, "The Close," at the Milwaukee Art Museum, marking the work’s premiere at a U.S. museum. It will be accompanied by six related drawings the artist created at the completion of production, which function as film stills.


Strange Lands: The Works of Tom Antell, Chris Cornelius, and Sky Hopinka

Now thru January 8
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
"Strange Lands" examines the artwork and voices of three artists in the context of contemporary canons of art, but also demonstrates their singular experience as Indigenous Americans.


21 Grams: The Weight of Souls by Kacy Jung

Now thru February 5
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
In her solo exhibition in The Gallery at Saint Kate, Jung’s sculptural series taps into our creative potential as humans by exploring and exposing our inherent vulnerabilities.


Jews In Space: Members of the Tribe in Orbit

Now thru February 5
Jewish Museum Milwaukee
414.390.5730 |
From their earliest use of lunar cycles as a calendrical guide to the activities of astronomers and scientists today, the Jewish people have held a consistent interest in extraterrestrial matters. As Jewish innovators continue to make pioneering contributions to space exploration to benefit all mankind, that outer expanse has influenced Jewish art, literature and comedy.


The Aschan School and The Eight: “Creating a National Art”

Now thru February 19
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
This movement captured everyday life at the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition features prints, drawings, paintings and pastels by artists including Robert Henri, George Bellows and John Sloan.


Saint Kate Artist In Residence — Jeff Zimpel

Now thru February 28
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
Step into the Artist in Residence studio and “enter an ecosystem of creative potential.” Zimpel’s work is an exploration of mark-making and an interrogation of the space where painting and photography meet.


A Time of Toil and Triumph: Selections from the Shogren-Meyer Collection of American Art

Now thru February 26
Grohmann Museum
414.277.2300 |
A collection focused primarily on the American industrial art of the 1930s and 40s, it also includes many fine examples from the surrounding decades, with many created during the Depression era – a time of both toil and triumph.



Now thru March 5
Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
414.271.3656 |
This contemporary sculpture exhibition explores lived narratives of identity and relationships with space and socio-political systems.


External Strife, Internal Peace, Eternal Love by Nehemiah Edwards

Now thru March 12
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
Milwaukee-based artist who highlights the conflicting relationship between our morality and our vices.


Convoy of Wounded: An Artist’s Experience of War

Now thru March 26
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
Different views of this significant turning point in European history are explored through related periodicals and decorative arts made in response to the conflict.


After Ashcan: The 14th Street School

December 9 – March 26
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
Learn about artists Isabel Bishop, Reginald Marsh and Raphael Soyer through their prints in After Ashcan: The 14th Street School, presented in connection with the exhibition The Ashcan School and The Eight: “Creating a National Art.”


Playing Favorites: Spotlight on the Petullo Collection

Now thru April 2
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
This special installation is a celebration of the large gift from the local collector Anthony Petullo that catapulted the Museum as a leading institution for self-taught art. It features more than 20 drawings and paintings by self-taught artists such as Minnie Evans, Martín Ramírez, Alfred Wallis and Adolf Wölfli, including some of Petullo’s favorite works from his 2012 gift and others he is lending from his personal collection.


Sculpture Milwaukee

Now thru Fall 2023
Downtown Milwaukee
Experience world-renowned sculptures along Wisconsin Avenue.