Holiday Art & Heritage Events

**Please note, events and activities are subject to change or cancellation. Please call ahead of your arrival.**

Hanging Out the Laundry by Maeve Jackson

Now through November 28
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
Through installation, video, and photography, Hanging Out the Laundry examines the titular task and unpacks its historical and personal implications.

Tour the Dubbel Dutch Hotel with Historic Milwaukee

Sun, November 28 | 4pm to 6pm
Dubbel Dutch Hotel – 817 N. Marshall Street
414.277.7795 |
Enjoy a docent led 30-minute tour of this 1898 English Renaissance Revival Style gem transformed into a hotel and learn about the history and renovation efforts.

Suzanne Rose | Blind Spot: To Pass Among Them

November 20 – February 22
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
Capturing the gentle presence of the Anthropocene in the Midwest, Rose documents the subtle violence that humans do to their environment and the quiet strength of nature.

The Quilts of Pauline Parker

Now through December 5
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
More than thirty objects showcase the artist’s expressive approach to quiltmaking, turning a traditionally domestic craft into one that highlighted current events, historical and biblical figures, and her own travels and experiences.

First Impressions: Early Printed Books in Europe

Now through December 12
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
A collection of twenty-five objects representing the revolutionization of the printing press.

The Railroad and the Art of Place: Photographs by David Kahler

Now through December 19
Grohmann Museum
414.277.2300 |
An exhibition documenting the once thriving industrial rail lines across America’s Appalachian coal country.

Delight, Inspire, Educate: The Allis Collection as Catalyst

Now through December 31
Charles Allis Museum
414.278.8295 |
An exhibition highlighting various aspects of the Allis art collection, from paintings and sculptures to decorative arts objects and print materials. 

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Now through January 9
Wisconsin Center
414.908.6000 |
Be amazed at this one-of-a-kind, immersive exhibition featuring more than 300 of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic artworks.

American Memory: Commemoration, Nostalgia and Revision

Now through January 16
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
An examination on how images—paintings, prints, and documentary photographs—shape our memories and understanding of historical and current events.

Visual Sirens: Collections of Final Warnings curated by David Najib Kasir

Now through January 23
Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
414.276.8686 |
An exhibition highlighting eight artists who, in the past twenty years, have endured life through several wars, political upheavals, environmental catastrophes, racial divides, genocides, ethnocides, civil wars, and a global pandemic.

Scrap Yard: Innovators of Recycling

Now through January 30
Jewish Museum Milwaukee
414.390.5730 |
An introspective look at the global scrap industry and contemporary green movements.

Villa Incognito: Latent Narratives in the Permanent Collection

Now through March 6
Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
414.271.3656 | 
An examination of the mansion and a group of objects from the Villa Terrace collection, showing how various forms of imitation, synthesis, and symbolism are at work, and how these strategies work to create an idealized environment.

Sculpture Milwaukee

Now through October 2022
Downtown Milwaukee
Take a stroll along Wisconsin Avenue to experience world-renowned sculptures.

An-My Lê: On Contested Terrain

December 3 – March 27
Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
A nationally touring exhibition featuring large-format black-and-white and color photographs from across Lê’s career, which she has dedicated to exploring the complexity that envelops war.

On Site: Derrick Adams: Our Time Together

Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
A newly commissioned large-scale wall mural and sculptural installation by Brooklyn-based artist Derrick Adams, featuring a 93-foot work that reframes historical Black narratives. 

Milwaukee: Where the Water Meet

Milwaukee County Historical Society
414.273.8288 |
Situated on one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Milwaukee’s past and present have been shaped by our water resources. This feature exhibit looks at water and its place in Milwaukee from both a historical and contemporary perspective. 

Off-Road Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Museum
414.287.2786 |
An exhibit telling the history of motorcycles designed for rough roads, the people who rode them and the adventures they shared.

Milwaukee Art Museum Virtual Exhibitions

Milwaukee Art Museum
414.224.3200 |
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